PepsiCo Case Study

A game plan for driving incremental ROAS.

Building awareness through Social by Roundel™ and Display by Roundel™ helped PepsiCo capture snackers’ attention ahead of The Big Game 2023.


PepsiCo sought to inspire snackers planning for game-day events.

PepsiCo’s snacks and beverages are staples during The Big Game, making the days leading up to the event a crucial time for sales. To keep their products top of mind—and to drive incremental ROAS—Roundel collaborated with the PepsiCo team to devise a multi-solution campaign.


guests who were seeking inspiration for what to serve during The Big Game.


the search for the PepsiCo products they needed for their game-day spreads.


incremental ROAS during a key selling season for PepsiCo.


Multi-solution approach

Focusing on the guest mindset for a win-win.

PepsiCo and Roundel focused on ways to inspire and engage with guests during all stages of the buying journey. The campaign began with generic snack/game-time messaging on Pinterest. As game day neared, the focus shifted to the Big Game Favorites page, which included PepsiCo’s products thanks to a partnership with Target Site Merchandising. Throughout the campaign, there were several Target Circle™ promotions for snacks and beverages.

To maximize the campaign’s reach, PepsiCo targeted those making alcohol purchases across all phases to encourage companion snack purchases. Brand investments were allocated by sales history over flight timeframe in an effort to boost sales and meet guest search demands.

The full campaign featured 10 different versions of creative with a mix of core products (like MTN DEW and Doritos) and better-for-you items (like PopCorners and bubly). Four versions of the creative included a Drive-Up icon to promote flex fulfillment.

(30-45 days out)
Focused on reaching fall football fans and The Big Game 2023 party planners on Pinterest with generic snack/game-watching messaging.

(15-30 days out)
Increased media spend, with a focus on snacks and drinks, along with deep discounts.
(3-14 days out)
Drove last-minute sales on through promos and flex fulfillment messaging (Drive Up).

Solutions used.

The multichannel campaign reached shoppers across the snacking spectrum with a mix of inspiration and timely stock-up reminders.

Social by Roundel™

  • Pinterest

Display by Roundel™

  • On platform:
  • Off platform: Bullseye Marketplace

Site Merchandising

  • Organic inclusion into Game Day Favorites page


PepsiCo scored wins in reach and incremental ROAS.

The multi-solution effort helped PepsiCo succeed in achieving strong incremental ROAS gains year-over-year along with a wide reach (10.9M guests). Phase 3 ads that featured promos and the Drive-Up icon had the highest ROAS compared to Phases 1 and 2. By meeting the guests where they were and leveraging “last-minute/convenience” messaging, the campaign successfully interpreted guests’ mindset, leading to an increase in influenced sales online.


incremental ROAS overall


YoY incremental ROAS increase1


ROAS from Pinterest placements2


media-influenced ROAS


Smart plays for guests’ attention led to a big win.

Roundel’s understanding of the guest mindset in every phase of the buying journey drove their winning game and can help you connect with guests with messaging that resonates at just the right moment.


Increase sales and incremental ROAS by targeting the right audiences with the right messaging.


Receive accurate ROAS measurements that include online and in-store sales.


Continue to engage and inspire Target guests with future campaigns.

“The success of the PepsiCo Super Bowl campaign with Roundel is a true testament to our strategic partnership. The numbers speak for themselves, but they only scratch the surface of what we’ve accomplished together. It’s not just about the impressive metrics; it’s about the thought, precision and vision that underpinned every decision we made.

As we stand on the podium of achievement, it’s clear that our partnership with Roundel isn’t just transactional; it’s truly impactful. Together, we’ve set a new benchmark for what can be achieved across Target’s marketing levers.”

Allyson Schnitzer, Retail Media Lead at PepsiCo

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Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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1Compared to PepsiCo’s 2022 activation for The Big Game
2Highest performance on Pinterest from any PepsiCo campaign