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Let authenticity drive your brand forward.

Our influencer network partner, LTK, gives your brand access to 10+ years of influencer marketing experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to bring you a solution that brings your brand closer to guests in an authentic way.

Now influencers can share your brand (and a link to shop on and the Target app) with their followers.

Books, beauty, CPG, fashion, and more—let our influencers help you make the connection.


our influencer network partner, LTK, through Influencers by Roundel™.


your brand at Target through Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest influencers.*


the online sales impact of influencers compared to your Target online sales.

Proof that authenticity pays off.


higher average Instagram engagement rate and 2.8x higher average TikTok engagement rate when leveraging Influencers by Roundel content compared to the industry average for TikTok and Instagram influencers content.1


of Gen Z watches influencer videos.​2


more likely for Gen Z to shop through influencers than the general population (online & in-store)2


of consumers are inspired to purchase based on what they see from an influencer.3


of consumers are inspired to purchase based on what they see from an influencer.3

How brands drive success.

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Influencers by Roundel™ gave product launch the win.

“Not only are influencers selling a significant portion of the market in trackable sales, but their followers are also driving significant sales through promotion of those purchases online.”

Rodney Mason, Head of Marketing for LTK Brand Partnerships

Our Premium Partner

Tap into LTK, Roundel’s influencer network partner and the largest curated influencer community in the world for creator content on top social platforms. As a managed-service offering, our partnership makes it a lighter lift for you and gives you the benefit of Target’s proven success with influencer marketing.

Social Platforms


More solutions.

Social Ads by Roundel™

When it comes to increasing brand exposure and influencing purchasing behavior, social ads work. But thanks to our Target guest data, we can make them work even harder by connecting your ads to the right guests on their favorite platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

CTV by Roundel™

When you choose CTV by Roundel, you’re tapping into our valuable audience catalog to reach the most receptive audiences for a highly efficient and effective buy. All in an engaging environment with no skipping and no distractions. Just your ad alongside our exclusive brand-positive content from premium publishers.

YouTube ads

Now you can reach the majority of Target guests on one of their favorite platforms. Leverage YouTube bumper ads (horizontal and vertical) to reach engaged shoppers and drive top-of-the-funnel awareness.

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1eMarketer: “Instagram vs TikTok Engagement Rates Worldwide in Select Content Categories, 2022” compared to LTK & Roundel average engagement rate for all 2022 Instagram content via Influencers by Roundel
2LTK 2023 Shopper Study
3Rakuten Advertising, Rakuten Marketing Study: 2019 Influencer Marketing Global Survey Consumers, June 17, 2019 (accessed November 15, 2021)
*Platform and post type are dependent on several factors; authenticity to the influencer, their reach potential, the target audience, and the content story.

Through our partnership with LTK, the same social influencer marketing company we work with for Target social influencers, Roundel™ now offers influencer marketing services to the brands we work with. Relevant influencers and brand advocates are chosen based on your criteria for suitable influencers. Tap into the right influencers and content creator style for your brand on social media to reach consumers who may become your next follower. For CPGs looking to raise brand awareness or make the business case for influencer marketing, please see our case studies showing how relevant influencers can have a powerful impact in driving social media success.