Roundel™ Kiosk

One tool for effortless media measurement.

Roundel™ Kiosk provides clear performance insights across your Roundel campaigns, including multivendor, programmatic media, Google search, social and sponsored product ads. Easily access reports and dashboards in near real-time and track always-on metrics like clicks, shares and sales. Complete with customizable views for better visibility.​

Review your results to make future campaign decisions based on newly acquired audience insights.​

Tailor Roundel™ Kiosk to your needs.

Build customized KPI dashboards and reports to make sense of your campaigns—and your goals.

Configure and save.

Configure metrics into custom and prebuilt templates. Save favorites for later use.

Schedule and export.

Schedule and export data when you need it, with the option to pull data into multiple API-supported tools.​

“From building more self-service offerings to improving measurement and insights, we’re​ leaning into all aspects of media performance to maximize ROI for our advertisers”

Nikhil Sharma, Head of Performance & Insights

Roundel™ Kiosk

Roundel™ Kiosk

Here’s how it works.

There are two ways to access Kiosk:

  • Log in to the Roundel™ Kiosk portal using a Partners Online account. Current clients: Contact your organization’s Partners Online admin for access.​
  • Or, click the Reports tab to access Roundel™ Kiosk capabilities right within Roundel™ Media Studio.
“Build a New Report” or leverage our best-in-class templates.​
Refine, tweak or add in additional metrics you want to view.​
Save custom views for later use and export today or schedule a future delivery.​
Get to know Kiosk.
Get to know Kiosk.

There are two ways to access training.

First, you can go to the Partners Online App Launcher. Then select “Info & Training” to launch the content.

Or, when you’re directly in the Kiosk portal, click the user menu at the top right and select “Training & Support.”

Roundel™ solutions.

The Roundel™ Kiosk portal serves as your source for accurate—and easily accessible—campaign performance data. Right now, it’s available for:


by Roundel™

Our managed service offering that runs display ads across, the Target app, or across 150+ premium publishers.


by Roundel™

Static, animated, and video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


by Roundel™*

Connect with guests searching on Google, with access to retail-specific ad formats, like Shopping Ads, that drive higher product visibility on search result pages.


by Roundel™

Reach relevant and engaged audiences on their connected TV.


by Roundel™
Activate Roundel’s custom audiences with brand-positive inventory via self-service within your DSP.

Target Product Ads

by Roundel™

Native cost-per-click (CPC) ads on and the Target app that reach our guests when their purchase intent is highest.​

Note: Target Product Ads (sponsored product ads) reporting data in Roundel™ Kiosk is only available for campaigns that run via Roundel™ Media Studio.

Questions about Roundel™ Kiosk? Let’s talk.

1When multivendor campaigns are used to complement existing programs.
2Based on subset of accounts that participated in multivendor campaigns in FY2022.