Introducing Roundel™ Media Studio.

The new self-service hub to manage your Roundel™ campaigns.​

Activate, manage, and report out on your media experiences in one simple hub. Roundel™ Media Studio brings together many of Roundel’s solutions and tools, starting with our sponsored product ads, Target Product Ads by Roundel™.

Gain access to the full suite of Target Product Ad placements, including highly relevant and personalized slots such as “More to Consider” and “Frequently Bought Together.”

With no DSP or access fees for Target Product Ads, your media dollars work harder with Roundel™ Media Studio. More efficient results, more clicks—and more sales.

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Easy to create campaigns
with a few short clicks.

Create campaigns.

Set up your campaigns with the ability to schedule flight dates and set total, monthly, and daily budgets.

Select your targeting.

Choose the products to advertise along with desired targeting to reach the most relevant audiences.

Report and optimize.

View key metrics and access in-app data visualization that gives you insights to optimize for better performance.

Roundel™ Kiosk, our advanced reporting tool, is directly integrated
with features like fully customizable data cuts and metric views.

Maximize performance with automated capabilities.

Select the optimization strategies (conversions, clicks, or revenue) that meet your goals. Our automated features then identify the best pacing and targeting to maximize performance toward your KPIs.

Roundel™ Media Studio

All the support you need to build effective campaigns.

Onboard smoothly and start driving results with our joint-service model that leverages expertise from Criteo and Roundel.

We provide self-service and managed-service support models to give you flexibility on how you activate your campaigns.

“Love the interface on Roundel™ Media Studio. The platform is a lot easier than others we’ve used.”​

Aimee Zimmerman, Director of Sales Strategy & Planning at Traditional Medicinals

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