Solutions designed for connection.

Our daily lives are a series of moments and each one is an opportunity to connect to the things we care about. We understand this about the Target guest. We leverage data at scale to find patterns, connect dots and create more personal interactions.

Discover your audience.

We start with 165 million guests and zero in with precision. We identify who, what, where and when. At this level of focus, we can have a real conversation.

Craft meaningful messages.

Be part of an unmatched multichannel shopping experience. It starts by using our first-party, anonymized data at scale to deliver messages that resonate with guests.

Build omni-channel connections.

Reach guests at every point of their journey, across their preferred channels and brand-safe content.

Measure and grow with repeatable success.

Our closed-loop measurement connects ads to actual sales and ROAS so you can easily optimize and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Reach high-intent shoppers on Target and Google.

Target Product Ads

by Roundel™

Native cost-per-click (CPC) ads on and the Target app that reach our guests when their purchase intent is the highest.

Search Ads

by Roundel™

Search Ads by Roundel uses our first-party shopper data to help you understand and reach our loyal Target guests. Then drive them to convert on, the Target app, or in-store.


Meet millions of streamers alongside their favorite content.


by Roundel™

When you choose CTV by Roundel, you’re tapping into our valuable audience catalog to reach the most receptive audiences for a highly efficient and effective buy. All in an engaging environment with no skipping and no distractions. Just your ad alongside our exclusive brand-positive content from premium publishers.

YouTube Ads

Now you can reach the majority of Target guests on one of their favorite platforms. Leverage YouTube bumper ads (horizontal and vertical) to reach engaged shoppers and drive top-of-the-funnel awareness.


of Target guests subscribe to a streaming service.1


Bring your brand to, the Target app, or across 150+ premium publishers through our managed service offering.


by Roundel™

Roundel display ads get your brand in front of coveted Target shoppers to increase exposure and influence purchasing behavior on and off Target properties.


Activate on Roundel’s custom audiences with your DSP in a self-service manner.


by Roundel™

Using Programmatic by Roundel gives you the control you need and the results you want. From audiences to inventory, insights to measurement, reach your campaign goals while informing your next.


audience groupings to create countless custom audiences.


Engage through ads or top influencers to grow sales.


by Roundel™

When it comes to increasing brand exposure and influencing purchasing behavior, social ads work. And thanks to our Target guest data, we can make them work even harder by connecting your ads to the right guests on their favorite platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


by Roundel™

Our influencer network partner, LTK, gives your brand access to 10+ years of influencer marketing experience. We’ve partnered with them to bring you a solution that allows you to build authentic connections with guests through organic content posted from the people they trust.

Media Support

Roundel™ Media Studio

Activate, manage, and report out on your media experiences from our brand-new self-service advertising platform. Available first for Target Product Ads with more to come.

Roundel™ Kiosk

Log in and get campaign reporting right at your fingertips.

Ad Guide

Specifications and considerations for Roundel™ solutions.

Bullseye Marketplace

Get seen on the content your audience loves.

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1Target guest survey, April 2023

Roundel is Target’s retail media network. No matter whether you choose our programmatic solution, Target Product Ads, Target display ads or any of our other on- and off-platform solutions, all our solutions use first-party data from our 165M+ guests to help you reach the most sought-after audiences in retail—the Target shopper. You can use our audience groupings or create custom audiences based on your ideal shopper (brand loyalists, for instance) or campaign goals (search nurture or grow as e-commerce sellers) to make connections that go beyond the sale to true understanding. And since all our multichannel solutions come with our closed-loop measurement, you can see how your media has an impact on your sales.

You can find information on direct buys, minimum spend, Target Display Ads, Target social advertising, Target CTV ads, and Target search ads (including on Google) in our Ad Guide. For our self-service solutions, like Target Product Ads, you can learn more about our demand- and supply-side partner list and minimum spend through our Partners page.