by Roundel™

Put retail’s most sought-after shoppers at your fingertips.

Plus, choose the preferred demand-side platform that works best for you.

Using Programmatic by Roundel gives you the control you need and the results you want. From audiences to inventory, insights to measurement, reach your campaign goals while informing your next.

Your brand deserves to be seen. Connect with loyal, and soon-to-be brand loyalists, using Programmatic by Roundel video and display ads.


the DSP of your choice to reach specific shoppers at scale in near-real-time.


custom audiences based on behaviors and Target purchases at no additional cost.


shoppers on brand-safe inventory from select premium publishers across Bullseye Marketplace.


standard media metrics (available in any DSP), in addition to key sales metrics directly via The Trade Desk or Roundel™ Kiosk (our self-service reporting platform)​.

The right audience is within reach.

First-party data from 165M+ Target guests so you can reach unique audiences at scale.
Includes audiences of shoppers who have made purchases in Target stores. (We see 30M+ weekly Target in-store visits.)

Programmatically leverage over 50 premium publisher partners through Bullseye Marketplace.


custom audience groupings to reach highly relevant guests.


custom audience groupings to reach highly relevant guests.

How brands drive success.

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Near-real-time programmatic optimization drove 2x the return.

“I’ve done the math and Roundel always delivers.​”

CPG Director of Omni-Channel Marketing

Our Premium Partners

Through our Bullseye Marketplace partnerships, here’s a look at the top 50+ premium publishers where your inventory can run on:

Marie Claire

More solutions.

Target Product Ads by Roundel™

Native cost-per-click (CPC) ads on and the Target app aren’t just easy. Because you’re reaching high-intent shoppers, they’re easily one of the best solutions for ROAS.

CTV by Roundel™

When you choose CTV by Roundel, you’re tapping into our valuable audience catalog to reach the most receptive audiences for a highly efficient and effective buy. All in an engaging environment with no skipping and no distractions. Just your ad alongside our exclusive brand-positive content from premium publishers.

Display Ads by Roundel™

Roundel display ads get your brand in front of coveted Target shoppers to increase exposure and influence purchasing behavior on and off Target properties.

Interested in Programmatic? Let’s talk.

Media agencies can better reach the right Target shoppers with programmatic ads. Programmatic by Roundel™ offers real-time bidding for media buying. Roundel’s programmatic solution leverages Bullseye Marketplace to ensure your brand gets placed in brand-positive placements. Use audience-first media to make programmatic buying for your digital marketing plan easier. Youll get programmatic targeting leveraging first-party data and then be able to receive reporting to help derive smart insights. Or leverage contextual targeting to reach high-intent shoppers browsing on Receive closed-loop programmatic reporting directly in demand-side platforms like The Trade Desk.