KitchenAid Case Study

Target’s unique creative style boosted seasonal sales.

KitchenAid saw an increase in sales and attracted new customers with Social by Roundel™ and Display by Roundel™.


Combine brand recognition and design to grow sales.

KitchenAid knew the Target guest was an ideal audience and would be open to messaging on, the Target app, and Pinterest. The question was, could they improve on already good results from their 2022 Valentine’s Day campaign?


on past success to drive holiday sales

Stand out

with Target’s unique design style


receptive shoppers on their preferred platforms



Getting creative to get results.

KitchenAid wanted to reach past purchasers in the home category, as well as browsers of KitchenAid products and accessories. Using our custom audience data and a multi-solution approach, KitchenAid leaned into Target’s unique creative style for their media campaign.


Seasonal messaging + Target’s style = Increased ROAS.

The campaign outperformed all expectations, influencing 13% of the brand’s total sales at Target (3%+ in 2022). One big reason? While the 2023 campaign ran on the same channels as 2022, wider audience targeting helped KitchenAid capture a huge percentage of new guests.

The top performing creative leveraged the Target look and feel, netting a $44 ROAS. It proved that being fun and seasonally relevant should be part of the brand’s future efforts.


of guests were new​


incremental ROAS


sales lift


influenced sales and ROAS compared to Feb. 2022


Using what guests love about Target can deliver campaign wins.

By partnering with Roundel and Target Creative, KitchenAid was able to meet their objectives. Brands should look to similar partnerships as part of their ongoing campaign strategies.


Boost brand sales across platforms.


Connect with the right shoppers through creative that resonates.


Secure net new purchasers.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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