Enfamil Case Study

Enfamil raises awareness and sparks action with CTV.

Shoppable CTV from Roundel™ motivates key customers.


Drive awareness and shopping opportunities for formula.​

Enfamil was looking for a new way to reach potential customers and encourage buying.​

With Roundel’s newest shoppable creative format for CTV, Enfamil could lean into a growing consumer behavior trend: scanning QR codes while watching TV. Among 2,700 Target guests surveyed in April 2023, a third were willing to scan a QR code while streaming to discover a new product.


Target guest affinity for scanning to discover new products


engaging creative that speaks to past and potential purchasers


future Shoppable CTV campaigns with data-driven insights



Create a smart Shoppable CTV campaign to reach ready-to-shop audiences.

Roundel created a campaign that brought together the trusted formula brand Enfamil and the Target brand. Results would be used to shape future Shoppable CTV for Enfamil.​

Campaign data revealed the effectiveness of Shoppable CTV for Enfamil and key insights to carry into future campaigns.​


Shoppable CTV moves guests down the funnel.

Results revealed insights Enfamil can apply in later campaigns, such as a guest preference for the Scan to Shop CTA. The campaign generated >31% higher ROAS for guests who had recently purchased baby products, indicating success with reaching broader audiences, including those open to switching brands or trying new products.




higher sales per thousand impressions*


higher ROAS*


Inspire purchases with Shoppable CTV.​

Combine a brand you want customers to discover with a brand they know and love—Target—and reach them with action-oriented media.​


your audience based on specific Target shopping behaviors. Reach guests more likely to try and buy your brand.​


the shopping experience with CTAs that invite the audience to learn more or make a purchase from the comfort of their couch.​


results from distinct campaign elements, such as CTAs, to continuously improve your Shoppable CTV strategy.​

Reach customers where and how they want.

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Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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*Vs. Roundel 2023 Shoppable CTV average