Electronics Brand Case Study

Headphone brand maximized holiday campaign efficiency.

A powerful search campaign leveraged through Criteo Retail Media, a partner platform, helped reach shoppers and sustain electronic sales during an unusual and extended holiday season.


Reduce effort for extended holidays.

During the pandemic, retailers found that the holiday season was being digitally driven due to online shopping. The headphone brand looked to use search to reach even more Target guests and meet their key objectives.


media budget spending during holiday extension


incremental brand exposure, considerations, and conversation


campaign efficiency through a well-executed media strategy



Reach online shoppers and test results across retailers.

With the help of Criteo Retail Media, the headphone brand wanted to see how search compared across retailers. With Roundel™, they looked to use Target.com and app searches against three criteria.


Search ads helped this headphone brand win first view.

Roundel helped the headphone brand achieve a 231% increase in units sold at Target, compared to 14% for other CE (customer electronics) retailers. The ROAS (+53% vs. +47%) and conversion rate (+18% vs. +10%) results were equally impressive. And the cost per sale (CPS) was also a standout with -57% compared to -47% for other CE retailers.


cost-per-click reduction over previous


sales increase (in units sold at Target)


ROAS 12% higher than other consumer electronics retailers


Don’t miss out on the highly effective search season.

Target Product Ads by Roundel™ can help you get ahead of the competition in sales for future holiday season campaigns.


Increase exposure and conversions through ads on Target digital properties.


Promote specials or critical shopping moments while flexing investments when needed.


Automate and analyze campaigns through Criteo Retail Media.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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