Hanes & Nielsen Case Study

Among new buyers, Hanes built brand affinity.

A robust test-and-learn campaign helped the brand understand how to retain an influx of customers.


Win the hearts of a new generation of shoppers.

To build brand affinity among new buyers, such as gift-givers and Gen Z, Hanes partnered with Roundel to develop creative solutions.


awareness and brand association through media from Roundel


media effectiveness and perception among key audiences with Nielsen



Step 1. Engage new buyers across touchpoints.

First, Hanes leveraged multiple Roundel solutions to reach potential new buyers (Social by Roundel™ on Pinterest, Search Ads by Roundel™ on Google, and Display by Roundel™ on Target properties).

The multichannel campaign used five creative versions that featured the keywords “support” and “comfort.”

Duration: ~12 weeks

Media channels: Target.com, Target app, Bullseye Marketplace, Pinterest, and Google search

Category: Apparel

Target audiences: Gen Z as a baseline demographic, moms/kids purchasing Father’s Day gifts for dad, and moms/college students stocking up on essentials before the school year

man in white tshirt looking at smart phone

Step 2. Survey audiences to understand the true media impact.

During the Roundel media campaigns, Roundel leveraged Nielsen’s Brand Effect Expanded View, a survey-based solution, to understand how media from Display by Roundel™ impacted brand recognition and perception.

First, Nielsen surveyed guests who were exposed versus unexposed to the Hanes ads. Then, Nielsen provided strategic insights on how to improve.

Field dates: ~7 weeks

Primary target audience for research: Respondents ages 18+

Research sample size: Total: 1,010 (Control 505; Exposed: 505)


Multichannel campaign delivers on reach and ROAS.

With Roundel, the initial Hanes campaign successfully reached buyers across multiple touchpoints and drove them to purchase Hanes products, many for the very first time.


overall ROAS
with Pinterest and Target.com as the top performing platforms


impressions across all channels


of purchasers who saw the media were first-time Hanes buyers*

Nielsen in-campaign survey results.

The Nielsen study proved that brand creative had an effect on media performance and that the ad creative spoke to Hanes’ target audiences.

  • ~60% of exposed respondents indicated they “definitely will” or “probably will” consider purchasing Hanes the next time they shop for men’s underwear at Target
  • 20% greater association for Hanes with men’s underwear among the exposed group when compared to the control group**
  • 11% greater association for Hanes with the message “Comfort and maximum support” among the exposed group when compared to the control group**

Which ad creative did buyers love most?

From the Nielsen study, Creative versions V1 and V2 which focused on education and ease of purchase with Target Drive Up—saw the strongest performance.

Creative V1

  • 25% more likely to indicate strong brand association
  • 17% more likely to indicate strong message association ratings**

Creative V2

  • 15% more likely to indicate strong brand association
  • 10% directional lift in favorability rating**


Find the perfect fit for reaching your customers.

With Roundel solutions, you can build awareness and brand affinity across generations to attract new customers and re-engage legacy customers.


Drive awareness for brand products at Target to stay top of mind while guests shop.


Measure the brand recognition perception of advertising messaging and creative.


Optimize for future campaigns with deep insights from Roundel and partners.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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*12% higher than the A&A benchmark for this time frame
**% lift calculated as follows: (% Exposed – % Control) / % Control