Pet Case Study

New tricks boosted sales for premium pet food brand.

A robust search campaign and smart optimizations through Criteo Retail Media, a partner platform, successfully reached pet owners during the pandemic.


Meet the surge in pet ownership and appreciation.

In 2020, pet adoption rates skyrocketed.

In response, a premium pet food brand challenged themselves to share in the pet love by placing its brand front and center.


more online shoppers close to the point of sale


awareness among new pet owners and pet-category guests


sales of the brand’s premium product



Meet pet owners where they love to shop: Target.

The premium pet food company worked with Roundel™ to engage dog and cat owners where and when they searched on and the Target app.


Boosting ROAS from 342% to 669% through smart optimization.

Through Criteo Retail Media, the brand was able to view performance and optimize according to what worked best by product type for each segmented campaign. After the first two months of the campaign, the premium pet food brand decided to break out the campaign more granularly based on products promoted.

Optimizing by product type allowed the brand to see 59M impressions over the campaign and a major ROAS boost:

  • April – May 2021: Campaigns with all products achieved 342% ROAS
  • June 2021: Multiple product-specific campaigns improved to a whopping 669% ROAS

The powerful capabilities of Target Product Ads by Roundel™ augmented the pet food brand’s demand and increased awareness among key audiences.


in sales generated during the course of the 13-week campaign


of sales tied back to just 20 of the keywords


overall ROAS for campaign, surpassing industry benchmark of 338%


Build, adjust, win.

With Target Product Ads by Roundel™ and Criteo Retail Media, your brand can reach shoppers searching for products like yours and leverage near real-time insights for greater campaign optimization.


Reach more shoppers where they shop on and the Target app.


Optimize campaigns in near real time with flexible attribution reporting.


Stay top of mind while audiences are shopping to drive demand for your brand.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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