Enfamil Case Study

Media campaigns reinforced trust during infant formula shortage.

Leveraging display ads to drive awareness of Enfamil’s efforts to alleviate a formula shortage led to 630M+ impressions—and increased sales.


Two-step plan. One goal.

During the nation’s infant formula shortage in 2022, Enfamil wanted to assure their customers—and all worried parents—that they had a plan of action. To develop trust with purchasers, they partnered with Roundel™ to create a two-step messaging plan.


the right audiences and the right places to reach them


updates to the 40M+ parents who shop at Target and other affected audiences



Bullseye Marketplace display ads drove success.

The campaign focused on sharing Enfamil’s safety precautions as well as demonstrating their efforts to keep production lines moving. To do this, Roundel developed display ads that drove traffic from premium-publisher sites to two landing pages on Enfamil’s site. Those pages featured helpful updates on how Enfamil was handling the crisis and videos of interviews with employees from across the company.

Publisher sites via Bullseye Marketplace focused on reaching families and parenting (e.g., Dotdash Meredith sites including Real Simple and Martha Stewart, and Raptive creator sites like Cooking Classy and Half Baked Harvest, shown in the visual example).

Target audiences:

  • 33M Target guests who purchased baby items
  • 1.4M Target guests who purchased OTC prenatal items
  • 27M predictive audience shoppers (meaning shoppers who behave like Target guests but did not buy baby items at Target)
  • Visitors who browsed baby category pages
  • Creators of baby registries


630M+ impressions.
40M+ relieved parents.

Running exclusively on a higher funnel channel and utilizing an awareness strategy, the campaign saw boosted reach, and Enfamil achieved $12.5M in total influenced sales.


impressions driven by campaign


unique guests reached


click-through rate

Channel results:


video click through rate


product views from display

New guest and basket analysis:


of guest baskets averaged $95


new influenced guests


new guest percentage


Higher ROAS means Enfamil maintained trust.

Enfamil was able to educate parents and those buying for infants about what they were doing to address the shortage in a way that truly paid off. Industry shifts are unavoidable, but transparency and visibility help shoppers trust your brand. Working with Roundel helps you:


Respond to shifts early with campaigns that address customers’ needs.


While guests browse relevant content, keep your brand’s products at Target top-of-mind.


Understand your customers’ behaviors and preferred platforms.

“Roundel has been a great partner, supporting us and Target guests during uncertain times. Throughout this campaign, we have collaborated effectively, adapting and learning together. We sincerely appreciate the teamwork and flexibility!”

Maria Bondareva, Senior Enfamil Key Account Manager at Reckitt

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Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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