SheaMoisture® Case Study

During a time of need, this beauty brand met guest demand.

An ambitious search campaign helped position SheaMoisture® as its customers’ go-to beauty superhero during quarantine.


Reach a new audience with familiar needs.

When pandemic lockdowns closed salon doors, consumers needed an alternative at-home haircare and skincare solution. SheaMoisture® recognized that its skincare and haircare products could be just what this audience segment was looking for.


consumers as they explore at-home beauty products


product sales by reaching an ideal audience


guests learn more about the brand and its portfolio



A web-spanning, three-prong search campaign.

SheaMoisture® launched a holistic campaign to deliver relevant search ads on the platforms people prefer. The brand invested in four Roundel search solutions—Google Search, Run of Search, Target Product Ads, and Pinterest Ads—ensuring its products stayed top of mind during quarantine.


ROAS that exceeded benchmarks.

SheaMoisture® learned more about its growing audience by reflecting on wins. Through working with Roundel, the brand not only elevated sales lift and sentiment, but can use these insights to fuel future campaigns.


overall CTR on Target Product Ads


ROAS for Google search product listing ads


ROAS for Pinterest ads targeted to broad keywords


higher-than-average Target Product Ads benchmark


higher-than-average ROAS benchmark across all divisions


over avg. Pinterest benchmark for Pinterest search ads targeting broad keywords


Maximize your digital impact.

As consumer behaviors shifted, SheaMoisture® answered the call by strategically leveraging Roundel™ search solutions and engaging at-home haircare and beauty aficionados across different touchpoints.

Show up

Be first to respond to industry shifts with campaigns that react to customers’ needs.


Access exclusive platforms through Roundel to achieve greater ROAS across journey stages.


Gain a deep understanding of your customers, their buyer behaviors, and their preferred platforms.

Connect in a whole new way.

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