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  • Media is changing.
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We create new, positive ways to connect people to brands.

Combining data with empathy. Proving value through measurement. And being transparent about, well, everything. At Roundel, this isn’t just what we do. It’s the idea on which our company is built.

Because we believe media works best when it works in everyone’s best interest. That includes audiences. And brands. And you.

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Without further ado ... The first-evers. The you’ve-always-wanteds. The one-of-a-kinds. Our solutions. Built for you.

Our solutions help you find your perfect audiences. Then connect your brands to our guests on and off our platforms—across display ads, social media, search ads, audio, and even TV. But we don’t stop there. We use only brand-positive environments that build up brands. Then measure your performance the way you’ve always wanted but never thought possible: by closing the loop on ad spend to sales. Yep, we can really do that. Because we believe the loop isn’t closed until you see a sale.

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Trot out the logos! We love who we work with.

We don’t just promise success. We prove it. See how our retail media network helps brands build brand awareness and drive conversions with high-intent shoppers.

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You and Roundel. Let’s do this.

Let’s talk shop. Finding new ways to reach shoppers using media both on and off Target properties is what we were built for. Let’s re-imagine media, together. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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