by Roundel™

Non-skip inventory on top content.

91% of Target guests subscribe to a streaming service​.1

That means when you choose CTV by Roundel, you’re tapping into our valuable audience catalog to reach the most receptive audiences for a highly efficient and effective buy. All in an engaging environment within connected TVs, with no skipping and no distractions. Just your ad alongside our exclusive brand-positive content from premium publishers.

Close the loop with sales reporting so you can measure the impact of your campaign and inform your next.


across premium publisher content on the biggest and most engaging screen in the room: the TV.


closed-loop reporting with product sales numbers, along with standard video metrics.


new purchaser insights data for products sold at Target (availability based on investment level).


TV viewers to action with the option to choose our seamless Shoppable Creative formats.

Closing the distance between view to buy with Shoppable Creative formats.

Inspire guests to go from passive viewing to purchase just by scanning a QR code. Plus:

  • Extend the experience and grow trust through Target branding.

  • Use engaging language and product images to highlight value and drive recognition.

  • Test between 3 top-performing CTAs to meet KPI needs, including our seamless, industry-leading “order pickup” feature (perfect for grocery and other categories not easily shipped).

Big love for the biggest screen in the house.


of Target guests state they stream most of their video content on TV.1


of Target guests use ad-supported streaming.1


of Target guests say they would search for a product after seeing it on TV.​1


of Target guests report using at least 2 streaming services in an average week.1


of Target guests state they watch most of their video content on streaming platforms, which is over 2x more than traditional or cable TV​.1

How brands drive success.

Enfamil raises awareness and sparks action with CTV.

CTV by Roundel™ lifted ROAS in a test-and-learn campaign.

“…some of the most collaborative partners you’ll ever have. They have consistently helped drive our business.”
CPG National Account & Shopper Marketing Manager

Our Premium Partners

Meet a few of the top 150+ premium publishers available through Bullseye Marketplace.

food network
Trvl Channel

More solutions.

YouTube Ads

Now you can reach the majority of Target guests on one of their favorite platforms. Leverage YouTube bumper ads (horizontal and vertical) to reach engaged shoppers and drive top-of-the-funnel awareness.

Influencers by Roundel™

Our influencer network partner, LTK, gives your brand access to 10+ years of influencer marketing experience. We’ve partnered with them to bring you a solution that allows you to build authentic connections with guests through organic content posted from the people they trust.

Search Ads by Roundel™

Search Ads by Roundel uses our first-party shopper data to help you understand and reach our loyal Target guests. Then drive them to convert on Target.com, the Target app, or in-store.

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1Roundel CTV Survey Report February 2024

Tap into the largest screen in the room as you catch viewers sticking around for commercial breaks to watch their favorite content. CTV by Roundel™ allows you to run in connected TV placements, including those on smart-TV-connected digital devices (Roku Streaming Stick, Fire TV Stick, Xbox, etc.). We offer more premium inventory than OTT by offering ad placements that run only on the TV rather than on desktop and mobile. Target CTV ads to specific viewers to raise brand awareness while getting CTV measurement. When running CTV ads with Roundel, take video ads and digital video to a new level by reaching your target audience at the right time. Your CTV campaign is supported by precise targeting and audience measurement. The bonus is that your CTV advertising will appear only in non-skip, brand-positive environments, resulting in a full video completion rate.