Traditional Medicinals Case Study

Traditional Medicinals gets a boost through Roundel™ Media Studio.

Creating sponsored product ads using our self-service hub helped the brand win across and down the funnel.


Drive sales of Traditional Medicinals’ teas.

With a focus on herbal science, the 50-year-old company wanted to improve outcomes with a focus on sales of their products (teas, cough drops, etc.).

The company started running Target Product Ads through Roundel™ Media Studio. This gave them the ability to shape the campaign to their goals.


a sponsored product ad campaign leveraging machine learning capabilities


consumers on search pages as they are seeking medicinal products and teas


awareness, influence, consideration, and trial while getting a return on ad spend



Be hands on to drive scale and performance.

Traditional Medicinals created a new campaign using Roundel™ Media Studio. With a focus on outcomes, Traditional Medicinals applied what they’d learned from past campaigns with other retailers.

The team made the most of being able to add keywords, a complimentary feature to Roundel™ Media Studio’s automated targeting capabilities. When deciding keywords for their Target Product Ads by Roundel™ campaign, they added keywords that performed well in the past. This ensured Traditional Medicinals was able to leverage prior learnings right away with Roundel™ Media Studio.

The thoughtfully designed interface on Roundel™ Media Studio made it easy for the Traditional Medicinals team to succeed.


Easy-to-implement campaign drives strong clicks and ROAS.

Roundel™ Media Studio was easy to use and drove very strong performance. Traditional Medicinals saw better performance for Target Product Ads compared to prior executions not in Roundel™ Media Studio.


ROAS for the two-month campaign period (November-December 2023)


clicks on Traditional Medicinals Tea Target Product Ads


CTR over the course of the campaign


Build performant campaigns.

The combination of Target Product Ads (sponsored product ads) and the Roundel™ Media Studio self-service hub lets brands of all sizes and spend levels effortlessly create meaningful connections with guests. All while delivering exceptional results.​


Identify the key products you want to promote. There’s no minimum spend to get started—and no DSP or access fee.


Leverage automated bidding tools and refine specific keywords to drive scale and performance.


Reporting makes it easy to understand what succeeded to inform current and future campaigns.

“Love the interface on Roundel™ Media Studio. The platform is a lot easier than others we’ve used.”​

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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