Ad Specs

Details and specs to help you reach Target shoppers on their preferred media and devices.

Target Product Ads

by Roundel™

Sponsored product ad placements on and the Target app. Self-service only.


by Roundel™

Reach relevant and engaged audiences on their connected TV. Managed service only.


by Roundel™

Run display ads on, the Target app or across 150+ premium publishers. Managed service only. 


by Roundel™

Activate on Roundel’s custom, cookie-free audiences with your DSP. Self-service only.

Search Ads

by Roundel™

Paid placements on Google with closed loop measurement. Managed service only.


by Roundel™

Static, animated, and video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Managed service only.


by Roundel™

Co-branded content from influencers on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Managed service only.

Media Support

Roundel™ Kiosk

Our near-real-time reporting tool helps you close the loop on your campaign performance.

Our Partners

From DSPs to the top social media platforms, our partnerships deliver multichannel media.

Bullseye Marketplace

Further your reach and capture attention on the content that consumers love through our brand-positive placements on 150+ premium publishers. 

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*Timelines and pricing are current as of last publish date. Please contact your Roundel™ Sales Representative for the latest updates and to learn more.