Designed for growing sales. And relationships.

Take a different path. One designed for growth. Where your brand can thrive and short-term goals turn into long-term trends. Where your shoppers become your biggest fans.

Insightful by design.

Loyalty doesn’t happen by accident. Our first-party data builds a level of understanding with the Target guest that, when paired with a curated solution, creates a real connection. So, your ads don’t just gain impressions but leave a lasting one.


unique visitors to digital properties and 30M+ weekly in-person visits every week.1


more spend from Target’s multi-channel guests compared to online-only shoppers.2


of Target guests buy from at least four store categories a year.3

Intentional by design.

Each and every solution is backed by insights. Then created entirely with the Target experience in mind. Across screens, onto shelves, and into carts. Building love and loyalty along the way.

More solutions. More impact.

We can bring your brand into focus in ways other retailers can’t. With capabilities such as CTV and display to create awareness, social media and influencers to deepen engagement, search solutions to generate sales, and more to meet your business objectives.


publishing partners help your brand thrive across the content that guests love.


publishing partners help your brand thrive across the content that guests love.

Partners in performance.

Social, streaming, apps and display. We leverage our relationships with the best media partners in the world, so your media mix is in perfect balance.

Delivering on outcomes.

Our curated and connected experiences are designed to meet your business goals and solve challenges. And we have winning proof of it.

Connect with us.

We measure media in likes, loves and purchases. It’s about more than making a place for your brand in the Target experience. It’s about making a place for your brand in people’s lives.

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1Internal Target data, verified in January 2023
2Internal Target data, November 2022
3Internal Target data, verified June 2023