Toy Brand Case Study

How one brand drove multichannel sales during the off-season.

By testing and optimizing ad creative and tactics, this digital birthday campaign enabled a sweet sales boost outside of the typical holiday season.


Inspire gift-giving moments outside the holidays.

A leading toy brand’s Shopper Insights team surveyed families during the COVID-19 pandemic and discovered that parents were willing to spend more on birthday gifts since other expenditures had decreased. From this insight, the toy brand sought to create a campaign to achieve three key objectives.


sales of toys outside of the holiday shopping season


ad creative and messaging to see which performed best


valuable lessons for future media campaigns



Meet these gift-givers where they’re shopping: online.

Birthdays looked different that year, but families still wanted children to feel the love on their special day. To reach guests across digital platforms at scale, the toy company invested in a national media campaign—with a Roundel™ approach—that included search, display, and Pinterest ads.
Based on this four-step solution, the campaign reached 20 million purchasers during the campaign period of July through October. These included guests with kids ages 0-10 in the household and previous toy or birthday category purchasers since 2019.


Creative thinking led to a sales boost worth celebrating.

Over the 84-day campaign, the toy brand saw its sales skyrocket. By leveraging first-party transactional and behavioral data from Roundel, the brand increased budget allocations based on which creative and platforms performed best.

Moreover, the toy brand got to understand how modern shoppers celebrated big moments and see the campaign result difference by tactic.

  • Google Search Ads: $21 total average ROAS
  • Pinterest Ads: $15 total average ROAS
  • Display Ads*: $12 total average ROAS
  • Display ads on the Target app outperformed desktop placements on
  • Pinterest outperformed ROAS by 70x ($27 ROAS) when targeting relevant broad keywords to gift-giving audiences


impressions total from 7M guests reached


in media-influenced sales for every dollar


ROAS for overall campaign


Connect with relevant shoppers to drive sales during your brand’s off-season.

By using media solutions from Roundel, this leading toy brand generated significant scale and reach among its ideal audiences.


Ensure your brand’s products are introduced to relevant audiences where they search and shop online before your competitors.


Leverage Roundel as a one-stop shop for testing and learning across multiple platforms for insights that fuel future optimizations.


Prove ROAS by tying ad performance to actual in-store and online sales with Roundel’s closed-loop measurement.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

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Media designed by Target
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