The Honest Company Case Study

Near-real-time optimization drove 2x the return.

A stronger, more strategic media campaign through Programmatic by Roundel™ converted shoppers on The Honest Company’s website—and at Target.


Lift sales with a revamped approach.

After The Honest Company transitioned to a new agency, Tinuiti, improving media performance through a fresh strategy became a top priority. A more attentive media approach was needed to drive lift in sales and continuously inspire guests to shop at both and Target.


sales at point of purchase, in-store and online


the program to achieve a low cost per acquisition (CPA)


with key audiences



Uncover audience segments interested in clean products.

To help The Honest Company find new opportunities for a programmatic video campaign, Tinuiti identified 12 top-performing audience segments based on past reporting, sales, and impression data—and found new test audiences to explore.

These audiences were an ideal match for:

  • Household cleaning
  • Skin bath fragrance
  • Baby (including new to baby care, baby registry recent event, and more)
  • Beauty personal care (including cosmetics)
  • Brand purchaser

Monitor audience reactions. Adjust in near-real time.

The Honest Company collaborated with Roundel and Tinuiti to strategically utilize Programmatic by Roundel™ and video inventory through The Trade Desk DSP. The media encouraged guests to purchase beyond Target by linking shoppers directly to This allowed The Honest Company to:

  • Tie direct-to-consumer sales back to their media buys.
  • See how this media still influenced in-store and online Target sales.
  • Open the door to more in-flight optimizations based on audience behaviors.

Adjustments were made manually throughout the campaign—in near-real time—to help reach The Honest Company’s ideal buyer. And Tinuiti was able to help allocate the brand’s budget to maximize performance based on this stream of insights.


Smart pivots built a better media strategy.

Thanks to a nimble approach that constantly connected with receptive audiences, The Honest Company achieved stellar comparative results based on their CPA goal.

  • The brand drove a 4% increase in total direct-to-consumer purchases despite a >40% decrease in spending.
  • Although the media linked to, the use of participating retailer callouts in the video creative highlighted Target as a purchase destination and drove sales across Target properties, too.


decrease in direct-to-consumer CPA on


sales increase online at Target vs. previous campaign


ROAS at Target vs. previous campaign*


Double your ROAS with a strategic approach.*

The Honest Company drove sales and more efficient ad spend at Target and—and now plans to keep this as an always-on campaign. Working with our partners can help define your strategy, too. And when applicable, glean insights that help you make in-flight optimizations to ultimately drive better results for your program.


Lift brand sales across platforms, including your own.


Adjust campaigns based on audience behavior, for short- and long-term success.


Strengthen your ROAS through optimizations informed by closed-loop measurement.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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*Performance Benchmark was $1+ ROAS. Achieved a ROAS of $4+