Search Ads

by Roundel™

Search is where it all starts.

Search Ads by Roundel uses our first-party shopper data to help you understand and reach our loyal Target guests. Then drive them to convert on, the Target app, or in-store. So you can go from reaching high-intent shoppers to measuring higher sales.


our first-party audiences, such as past purchasers, to reach highly qualified shoppers.


retail-specific ad formats, like Shopping Ads, only available through a Google Merchant Feed (i.e. Roundel).


in-store and online sales reporting based on which of your products are sold at Target.

Search for your next customer across the purchase journey.

Search result pages on Google do more than just drive clicks. Shoppers use it more than ever before to:

Research new products before buying either online or in-store.

Compare alternative products and prices.

Find inspiration for gift giving.


more product detail page views from Google search (compared to all other channels driving traffic to


more product detail page views from Google search (compared to all other channels driving traffic to

How brands drive success.

Toy brand grew birthday sales with search, display, and a Pinterest campaign.

Search program turned beauty brand into at-home superhero.

Multichannel campaign boosts brand affinity among new buyers.

“Roundel is always looking to grow my business in the most efficient way.… They treat our account like it’s their own business.”

CPG Director of Omni-Channel Marketing

Our Premium Partner

Place ads on Google and close the loop on your Target sales. Bonus? It’s a lighter lift for you (Roundel works directly with Google as a managed-service offering). 

Search ad partner


More solutions.

Target Product Ads by Roundel™

Native cost-per-click (CPC) ads on and the Target app aren’t just easy. Because you’re reaching high-intent shoppers, they’re easily one of the best solutions for ROAS.

CTV by Roundel™

When you choose CTV by Roundel, you’re tapping into our valuable audience catalog to reach the most receptive audiences for a highly efficient and effective buy. All in an engaging environment with no skipping and no distractions. Just your ad alongside our exclusive brand-positive content from premium publishers.

Programmatic by Roundel™

Using Programmatic by Roundel gives you the control you need and the results you want. From audiences to inventory, insights to measurement, reach your campaign goals while informing your next.

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Source 1First-party Google search data and data from Roundel, verified May 2023 Search Ads by Roundel™ goes beyond search advertising to expand your search nurture efforts over and above ads to Google ads. Using first-party data from Target shoppers, Roundel (Target’s retail media network) can help you reach high-intent shoppers through dynamic search ads and product ads. Think beyond PPC to provable ROAS for your Google ads with closed-loop reporting. Roundel. Media designed by Target.