Danone Case Study

Influencer-led approach engaged Instagram shoppers.

By leveraging Roundel™ solutions on Instagram, Danone drove awareness and incremental reach among millions of potential buyers for a product line extension.


New flavor. New approach to engage shoppers.

Compared to other sites and social platforms, Target guests are 46% more likely to buy products from Instagram ads.1 From this insight, Danone sought to create a test-and-learn campaign for its new Two Good Yogurt lemon flavor around three key goals.


awareness and excitement among new and existing buyers


incremental reach among Millennial and health-conscious audiences on Instagram


new Roundel™ solution and LTK’s influencer network for social campaign



Step 1.
Drive authentic engagement.

>66% of all adults say shopping originates from creator recommendations.2

Danone decided to complement its traditional media campaigns with Influencers by Roundel™. Selected influencers posted content on Instagram featuring the Two Good Yogurt lemon flavor.

13 individual influencers were leveraged, with a focus on reaching Millennials, especially those who are mothers.

Influencers were chosen for being known for posting food-focused content.

Organic content was posted on Instagram.

Step 2.
Extend reach with Target sponsored posts.Drive authentic engagement.

A few months after the influencer campaign, Danone repurposed an influencer asset to drive incremental reach through Social by Roundel™.

Placements: Instagram In-Feed Image Ads

Category targeting: Food & Beverage (Yogurt category, specifically)

Audience targeting: Greek Yogurt Purchasers, Nutritious Low-Sugar Purchasers, Keto Purchasers


22M+ total impressions boosted campaign exposure and reach.

Running an Influencers by Roundel campaign followed by amplification of assets on Instagram helped Danone magnify the messaging for the new flavor launch and reach key audiences on social, with both Influencers by Roundel (7.79% engagement) and Instagram In-Feed Image (.88% engagement) performing over our benchmarks.*


impressions from all Two Good Yogurt lemon flavor campaigns


impressions from Influencers and Social by Roundel™


engagement rate for Influencers by Roundel (2x higher than benchmark)


Connect with customers in the way that works for them—and you.

By using new media solutions from Influencers by Roundel and Instagram, Danone drove authentic engagement and incremental reach for its new product line extension.


Drive awareness and impressions among relevant guests where they want to discover brands and products.


Connect with new audiences on social media in authentic ways with the help of influencers.


Test and learn new tactics within your media mix to find opportunities to optimize future campaigns.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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*Benchmark for all Roundel IG ads running between May-November 2021.

1Survey conducted by Roundel via Fuel Cycle in May 2021 and sent to 2,500 current Target shoppers.
2LTK, 7 Secrets To Holiday Success: Influencer Marketing Insights from LTK’s Holiday Shopper Study, October 8, 2021 (accessed November 15, 2021).