YouTube Ads

Bite-sized ads. Big audience.

92% of Target guests watch videos on YouTube—a full 24% higher than the general U.S. population.1

Now you can reach the majority of Target guests on one of their favorite platforms. Leverage YouTube bumper ads (horizontal and vertical) to reach engaged shoppers and drive top-of-the-funnel awareness.

Added bonus? Our solution combines the video platform Target guests love with our brand safety. So your ads only run where Target would run its own.​


Target guests through YouTube bumper ads created with Target branding.


your audiences based on Target purchase + search data, as well as Google segments.


standard video metrics. Plus, dive in deeper with the YouTube Brand Lift study.

A can’t-skip opportunity.


of Target guests have learned about a product from YouTube.1


of Target guests have purchased a product they learned about on YouTube.1


more time spent by Target guests on YouTube per day compared to the U.S. population.1


average completion rate on YouTube2


average completion rate on YouTube2

“Roundel is constantly leveraging new customer insights to meet the customer how they shop and how they wish to consume information.”

CPG Director of Omni-Channel Marketing

More solutions.

CTV by Roundel™

Leverage our managed-service solution to run across our curated, brand-safe CTV inventory of premium publishers and top streaming apps, paired with our first-party data, to reach relevant consumers at scale.

Our influencer network partner, LTK, gives your brand access to 10+ years of influencer marketing experience. We’ve partnered with them to bring you a solution that allows you to build authentic connections with guests through organic content posted from the people they trust.

Display by Roundel™

Run Display ads on Target properties or across Bullseye Marketplace, our private, publisher-direct marketplace of 150+ premium sites, to connect with guests on their favorite content. Tap into audio, display, and video placements with our managed service offering.

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1Roundel survey to 2.8k Target shoppers in April 2022.
2 Google Internal Data (2022)

YouTube Ads from Roundel lets you reach Target shoppers on their favorite devices (mobile devices, connected TVs, tablets, desktop) and on one of their favorite video platforms—YouTube. Get precise targeting while reaching specific viewers on YouTube. We can help you create and identify audiences so your video ads raise brand awareness. Video completion rate, audience measurement, and more.