Bullseye Marketplace

Relax. Your brand is among friends.

We created Bullseye Marketplace to ensure Target’s ads would only appear alongside content we—and our guests—would be comfortable seeing them on.

Once word got out about our brand-positive environments, other like-minded companies asked us to do the same for them and our exclusive, brand-positive marketplace was born.

Today, you can run across 150+ premium-publishing partners on display and video through self- or managed-service models.

Your brand, appearing on content Target guests love.

With Bullseye Marketplace, you get a curated inventory of placements from top Comscore publishers so you can achieve your campaign goals on display and video.

Ads appear on the brand-positive content that we know Target guests are actively viewing.

Partner with publishers over-indexing in multicultural audiences, including 30+ Spanish-language and Hispanic-content publishers.

Publisher-direct, private buying practice insulates you from potential fraudulent activity.

MRC-accredited measurement to achieve viewability.

“… to build meaningful, flexible, and personal guest experiences, we need to create experiences that speak to audiences the way they want to engage with brands.”

Renu Liddell, Vice President Digital Site Merchandising at Target

Curated for brand-positive success.

A few of our premium-publishing partners. Your video and display ads may appear on 1,000-plus sites across Comscore’s measured top publishers.


Bullseye Marketplace inventory is available with these solutions.

CTV by Roundel™

Reach relevant and engaged audiences on their connected TV.

Display by Roundel™

Run display ads on Target.com, the Target app or across 150+ premium publishers.

Programmatic by Roundel™

Activate on Roundel’s custom, cookie-free audiences with your DSP.

How brands drive success.

Yogurt brand’s test-and-learn with CTV lifted ROAS.

Audience-specific messaging and Target-led creative boosted sales

Toy brand grew birthday sales with search, display, and a Pinterest campaign.

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