Chobani Case Study

Yogurt brand’s test-and-learn with CTV lifted ROAS.

Experimenting with Connected TV, Chobani discovered that CTV by Roundel™ could effectively reach its relevant audiences—and deliver the ROAS to prove it.

Leverage CTV to boost product launch.

In a world that has gone to streaming, Chobani wanted to explore using CTV by Roundel as a tactic to launch their new Chobani Zero Sugar Yogurt and achieve key objectives:


product sales and conversion


guest familiarity and equity of a new product line extension


promotional offers running during the campaign



Focus on specific audience segments that are category and brand specific.

From low-sugar lovers to brand-loyal shoppers, Chobani tested several different target audiences to understand which one drove the best performance. The yogurt brand also wanted to assess how CTV performed against other media solutions for ROAS.

Chobani Zero Sugar campaign

Duration: November 14, 2021–January 1, 2022 

Roundel solutions: CTV by Roundel™, Target Product Ads by Roundel™, Display by Roundel™, Social by Roundel™ (Pinterest)

Media channels: app display, Pinterest Standard and Video pins, and display and connected TV placements on Bullseye Marketplace 

Target audiences tested for CTV:

CTV placements saw the strongest ROAS out of all channels.

CTV by Roundel™ has closed-loop measurement, which helped Chobani’s team gain insights in how CTV media met their objective of sales/conversion.


impressions from CTV by Roundel™ during campaign


average ROAS for all CTV ads, higher than other solutions tested


higher ROAS for Chobani Zero brand purchasers vs. other audience segments


Trying something new can reap big rewards for your brand.

Chobani was able to garner 2.4 million video views and drive product familiarity among relevant guests using Target’s first-party audience segments.


Sales and conversion for your brand’s product line.


CTV and new audience segments to gain insights for future campaigns.


With strong ROAS results using closed-loop measurement to understand impact.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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