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Search Ads by Roundel™ makes it easy to capture high-intent shoppers searching for similar products on Google and drive qualified traffic to Choose from Shopping Ads & Dynamic Search Ads. Details and images for your specific products are automatically pulled into the ads from the Target product feed.

Google search desktop and mobile

Google search on desktop

Google search on mobile

Targeting, reporting, and timing


First-party, high-intent shoppers based on behaviors and purchases at Target, such as audiences from Target loyalty programs (RedCard™/Target Circle).


Click-through rate (CTR), sales per click (SPC), cost per click (CPC), return on ad spend (ROAS, at the brand level), and percentage of consumers who are new to purchasing your brand’s products in the last 13 months.

Campaign timing

On average, expect 6 to 10 weeks for most clients. Please reach out to your Sales Representative for more details.

Campaign goals

Capture high-intent shoppers with efficient native ad placement when searching for similar terms.

Consideration and sales

  • Use efficient ad placement for maximum reach.

  • Turn searches from high-intent shoppers to sales.

  • Leverage first-party data and closed-loop measurement to maximize performance.

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Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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*Timelines and pricing are current as of last publish date. Please contact your Roundel™ Sales Representative for the latest updates and to learn more.