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CTV by Roundel™

Reach Target shoppers where they stream with connected TV placements (smart TVs, TV connected with an external streaming device or an internet-connected gaming device).

Capture the audiences that OTT can’t.

Gain more attention with audiences using non-skippable inventory exclusively on connected TV devices and apps through free and subscription-based streaming platforms.

Premium qualified inventory.

Run within premium publisher content, backed by third-party verification from DoubleVerify.

Premium qualified non-skippable, co-branded opportunities.

The Target logo “Available at Target” flag can be added to connect your brand closer to Target and help shoppers understand where to find your products. 

Enhance your buy with Shoppable Creative Formats.

Remove barriers to purchasing from CTV with QR codes and Target branding.

Our CTV inventory is:

>99% fraud-free

higher than the 3-month DoubleVerify retail vertical benchmark of 98%

>99% brand suitable

higher than the 3-month DoubleVerify retail vertical benchmark of 93%

Targeting, reporting, and timing


First-party audiences based on behaviors and purchasers at Target, such as audiences from Target loyalty programs (RedCard™ and Target Circle).


Full-funnel attribution against actual category, brand, and product sales; closed-loop reporting with product sales numbers, along with standard video metrics; new purchaser insights data. Supported by Roundel™ Kiosk.

Campaign timing

At minimum, assume 6 to 10 weeks for most clients; please reach out for more details regarding your campaign needs. 

Campaign goals

Drive awareness with relevant, highly engaged consumers while closing the loop to understand how connected TV media can impact your sales at Target.

Awareness and consideration

  • Drive awareness of your brand’s products with relevant viewers, reaching them as they watch their favorite content.

  • Support promotional messaging with the most receptive audiences.

  • Connect with new consumers that haven’t bought your brand’s products before.

  • Receive upper funnel digital reporting and measurements to understand lower funnel impact, including Target sales and data scan rate.

Connect in a whole new way.

Let’s talk about your next multi-channel campaign.

Media designed by Target
Media designed by Target
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