Solutions that are
changing media for good.

Data with empathy. Measurement that proves
value and incremental sales. These are the
retail media solutions that make it possible.

What makes our solutions different?

First-party, real-people data Our first-party transactional and behavioral data comes from 30M+ weekly in-store Target guests (and even more online) ...

Closed-loop measurement Our media solutions are built with Roundel™ proprietary closed-loop measurement that connects ads to actual sales—and proves ROAS...

Brand-positive environments We place your brand only in positive, relevant environments from our premium inventory of top publishers ...


You want more control over your media buys?

Use custom, cookie-less audiences via your DSP with our programmatic solution.


You want to engage high-intent shoppers and drive more conversions?

Boost product sales and maximize ROAS with advertising and Google.


You want to influence customer purchases across popular social platforms?

Inspire shoppers on social through engaging ad placements or influencer co-branded content.


You want to stay top-of-mind for your ideal customers?

Reach first-party audiences at scale and measure the true sales impact of your media. Available as Target display ads and off platform display.

Connected TV

You want to drive awareness and conversions from your TV campaigns?

Reach the growing number of cord-cutting audiences and measure the sales impact of Connected TV (CTV) ads on Target purchases online and in store.

Let’s change media for good.