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Ad Guide: Display Marketing

Managed-service specs and details for

Display by Roundel™

Placement details

Display by Roundel™ makes it easy to reach relevant audiences in a scalable, measurable way. Get your brand in front of real shoppers with standard and premium ad placements, on and off desktop and mobile placements

The following on-Target platform banner display units are available for desktop, mobile, and app (select placements shown below):​

Display also available off platform via premium publisher sites. See Bullseye Marketplace details below.

Premium homepage

Product listing page

Product detail page

App product detail page

Store locator detail page

Product listing page

Registry page app placements

App homepage

App product listing page

Bullseye Marketplace display placements across premium publishers

Display ads via Bullseye Marketplace

300x250 display

300x50 display

Audio ads via Bullseye Marketplace

Reach the Target guest within audio streaming services across Bullseye Marketplace using :15/:30 audio spots paired with a display ad.  

300x250 display
with :15/:30 audio

300x250 display
with :15/:30 audio

Video ads via Bullseye Marketplace

Additional options through Programmatic by Roundel™

Campaign goals

Can’t-miss moments start with a trusted retail experience.

Roundel TM Media, re-imagined by Target

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Roundel TM Media, re-imagined by Target

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    © 2023 Roundel, Target, and the Bullseye Design are trademarks of Target Brands, Inc.

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