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Create moments that matter with programmatic media and closed-loop measurement.

Mario Watson

Senior Director, Ad Products

How brands can leverage programmatic media to reach receptive customers, deepen insights, and continually optimize campaigns.

Programmatic advertising has come a long way from the walled gardens and cookie-filled world. As technology and consumer behaviors evolve further, brands need more information to connect effectively with customers and drive sales.

Despite the many metrics that brands can access today, the why behind a customer’s purchase is often still a mystery. Why did that customer buy your product? Why was that creative version more effective on mobile but not on desktop? What’s really driving product sales?

4 things we know about consumer behaviors today:

They want options when they shop. Consumers take advantage of multiple channels, depending on the context of the moment.1

They want brands to understand them. Only 14% of consumers say brands are doing a great job at knowing them, remembering them, and understanding their needs.1

They want brands to listen to them. 60% of consumers think it’s important to feel heard by the brands they buy from.1

They value convenience, ease, and speed. 54% of consumers say “convenience” is the most impactful driver of whether they remain loyal to a brand or not.1

With these changes in consumer expectations and behaviors, any moment in time can impact a point of purchase. So, what does this mean for brands? To win over consumers—in the short and long term—brands must re-imagine media to create moments that lead to meaningful customer engagements.

Surveyed CPG leaders say retail media networks can help them better achieve these objectives:2


tailor messaging to consumers


measure performance


target the right audience

The elephant in the room: measurement

While media moments matter, so does measurement. Without it, brands still can’t answer that elusive question: What’s really driving product sales?

Brands want to make strategic, data-driven decisions about where to put their programmatic media spend. However, there’s a gap between the data brands need to optimize their retail media strategies and the data they can currently access.

The data brands want vs. the data they can access today:2

Roundel media moments + measurement = the Target magic

How do brands and their retail media partners close the data access gap to improve their programmatic campaigns? Together, they must leverage the purposeful combination of media moments and closed-loop measurement, aka the secret formula for creating that Target magic.

We built Programmatic by Roundel™ with this formula in mind, keeping a close ear to what consumers want from brands and their media while providing brands with the measurement tools they need to keep up. With Programmatic by Roundel, you can:

1. Reach customers at the moments that matter–with tailored messaging informed by first-party data.

Leverage first-party, in-store, and online purchase data from 165M+ Target guests and build custom audience targeting for ads that live in brand-positive environments.

2. Measure the impact of that message with closed-loop measurement.

Sell products at Target? Programmatic by Roundel offers closed-loop measurement to allow you to optimize during campaign flights based on your product sales performance at Target. Plus, receive sales reporting directly within demand-side platform partners, like The Trade Desk, for the ability to make quicker optimizations.

We believe media should work for you, your customers, and everyone. With closed-loop measurement and Programmatic by Roundel, you can access insights and optimize campaigns with ease, in-flight, and in-platform. So, you can be more efficient and deliver more relevant messages to customers where and when it counts.

headshot of Mario Watson

Mario Watson

Senior Director, Ad Products

Mario joined Target in 2009. As Senior Director, Ad Products he is responsible for setting the strategic direction for Roundel’s ad technology products. He and his team work to deliver world-class digital campaigns for advertisers, in partnership with agencies and technology providers.

Mario has 15 years of progressive, global leadership experience in retail across data sciences, site merchandising and product development. He holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Minnesota.

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