Maximize reach and sales against cord-cutting audiences and close the loop on CTV ad spend.

Engage with first-party audiences at scale, with closed-loop measurement for CTV.

CTV by Roundel™ is a managed-service solution that allows you to reach qualified audiences through first-party Target data. Another bonus for products sold at Target: being able to close the loop with sales reporting.

How we prove the impact of your TV ad investments:

Leverage Target’s
first-party sales data
to measure full-funnel attribution against actual category, brand, and product sales.
Receive closed-loop reporting with product sales numbers, along with standard video metrics.
Get new purchaser insights data for products sold at Target (availability based on investment level).

Brand-safe environments for your CTV ads.

Gain access to our curated inventory of premium publishers and top streaming apps, so you can reach viewers wherever they are watching premium content across any connected TV device.

Connected TV

Advertise with premium publishers on the top streaming apps customers use today.

Examples of our premium publisher partners

Measurement powered by Roundel™ Kiosk

Campaign reporting is now fast and easy. Get near real-time reporting of your Roundel media, easy & fast access to reports and dashboards, custom views that can be built to reflect your key metrics, and greater visibility to "always on" metrics.

Let’s change media for good.