We're moving media forward by making it meaningful to all of us:

By offering people the right messages in the right places at the right times-in ways that prioritize their privacy, intelligence, and values.

By putting brands-and their products-in the best position to grow business, gain trust, and build lasting relationships.

By giving agencies a clear picture of where their client's ads run, who they reach, and why.

Because at Roundel, we believe media works best when it works in everyone's best interests.

Target sponsored product ads

Drive purchase-ready shoppers to your product detail pages via native retail ads on and the Target app.


Target real people within your audience segments at all times, no matter their location, device, or time of day they are browsing.


Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about our guests. Audience Identification allows us to collect details about their shopping behavior, preferences, demographics, and so much more.

This information is key when it comes to gaining a clear picture of what guests want and need.


Our comprehensive reports provide an insightful look into the connections and relationships between guest demographics, preferences and behaviors.

From this, you can create Audience Segments and make strategic decisions on how to best reach the right people.

Placement + Optimization

From video + audio to email + social, there are many ways to reach your audience at the right time in the right place.



In-depth reporting that helps you quantify results, understand outcomes, and identify strategic next steps.