Drive awareness and sales for new haircare brand

In collaboration with Unilever’s Sundial brands, Target has created a new line of haircare products named Emerge. It is sold exclusively at Target stores and features textured haircare products. Unilever wanted to drive equity and brand awareness of this new value line among Gen Z and young Millennial guests, particularly those interested in textured hair products.

Emerge’s key challenges:

  • Launch a new haircare line available only at Target

  • Reach target audience within the textured hair category

  • Drive awareness and sales of new haircare line as quickly as possible


Leverage best prospects and optimize reach out of the gate.

Roundel was able to reach Target guests, including textured haircare purchasers, textured haircare spendalikes, natural beauty guests, women age 18-34, and recent/frequent haircare purchasers to seed Emerge’s fledgling audience. Another big target? Guests with textured hair who hadn’t yet found a product they love.

The national campaign ran on Pinterest as well as and Bullseye Marketplace— a private network of 150+ premium, brand-positive publisher websites that can be finely curated based on contextual reference. But we didn’t stop there. placements included both contextual and search to reach lower-funnel browsers and build interest in the new product line.

Using Target’s comprehensive 1st party data, Roundel was able to build custom segments that reach the right guest with the right product across channels.


A beauty brand launch that’s turning heads.

  • of total sales at Target were media-influenced surpassing beauty category averages for percent of sales influenced by media

  • of media-influenced sales were in-store. 62% of total store orders were driven by Pinterest, which was effective in driving people to Target stores to purchase this product. Pinterest is a channel that the brand can consider for future activations involving in-store purchases given its influence in driving in-store behavior

Textured haircare purchasers

at Target were the best performing first-party audience segment in terms of ROAS. Effective use of custom audience segmentation allowed Roundel to find engaged guests interested in the Emerge haircare line.

Targeting highly relevant audiences equals strong results. The brand was able to test and learn the best performing audiences worth considering for future activations.

"It was a no-brainer to engage Roundel as the cornerstone of our marketing plan for this exclusive launch. By leveraging a brand page for education, precise targeting, and relevant media placements, we were able to deliver on our identified metrics."

- Jenny Roesner

Shopper Marketing Manager (Unilever)


Introducing a new beauty brand that’s now in vogue.

Roundel’s media and guest expertise helped Unilever and Emerge achieve the following objectives:

  • Curated a targeted launch audience from scratch Target’s first-party guest data enabled Emerge to build a perfectly curated launch audience from the start to reach prospective Emerge brand haircare purchasers.

  • Calculated media effectiveness online and in-store With more granular information tied to first-party data from online and in-store sales, Unilever could see the true impact of its media spend, regardless of how and where guests purchased at Target.

  • Gleaned insights to fuel future campaign activations Roundel’s robust closed loop methodology allows Unilever to confidently compare performance metrics across channels, segmented guests and creatives. Textured haircare purchasers led all first-party audience segments in ROAS. Unilever can leverage these insights to maximize the effectiveness of future campaigns.

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