Attract new guests to add to existing loyal user base.

The iconic toy brand has no problem retaining existing customers. But in order to grow its share with new buyers, the imaginative brand chose a creative approach: It partnered with Roundel™ to target non-buyers with non-branded Google search terms. Turns out, two negatives make a huge positive.

The toy company’s key challenges:

  • Limited access to real-people data made measuring actual ROAS—and finding new buyers—difficult

  • Lack of granular campaign data reporting hindered in-flight campaign optimization


Find Target guests who don’t even know they want the toy brand’s products ... yet.

Starting with more than 1,300 negatively targeted search terms, the toy company reached Target audiences searching for relevant, specific terms to drive sales of the brand’s products nationally. The toy company’s investment focused on relevant search terms that weren’t directly associated with the brand to find new potential customers.

In addition, the toy company used Roundel’s custom Audience Bidding script that runs continuously to optimize investments against highest-performing guest audiences.

What did we find out from the top 10 search terms?


Outstanding performance built up the toy brand’s customer base.

Together, the toy company and Roundel™ reached Target shoppers who weren’t explicitly searching for the brand, but (spoiler alert) who really were interested in its products after all. This search-specific approach, paired with in-flight optimization based on item-level sales reporting, proved to be a valuable, ever-evolving way to attract new guests. And with Roundel’s closed-loop measurement, the toy company was able to tie campaign performance directly back to actual sales in-store and online.

What were the key measurable wins?

$18+ ROAS

when calculating total brand sales over identified media spend*

(well above the $2.54 Google search ROAS benchmark across all divisions)

*$6.11 ROAS when calculating total brand sales over total media spend

Better results from a creatively constructed approach.

Media and first-party data expertise from Roundel™ helped the toy company achieve the following objectives:

  • Identified new customers who weren’t considering the brand The toy company’s innovative keyword approach, paired with Roundel’s unique first-party guest data, successfully engaged customers who wanted to buy the toys before they even knew they wanted to buy them. That’s next-level media right there.

  • Drove brand-level sales The toy company was able to tie program performance back to item-level product sales for a true, proven ROAS. Talk about a win!

  • Gained insight for in-flight optimizations—and beyond With Roundel’s reporting, the toy company learned which strategies, segments, and placements delivered greater ROAS. These insights helped the company not only optimize the campaign in near real time but also inform future media strategies.

Let’s change media for good.