Boost sales among
existing purchasers.

In the past, Johnsonville’s in-store activations consisted of couponing with a percentage-off purchase. Looking for a fresh approach, Johnsonville asked Roundel to create a shopper-targeted campaign that would piggyback on its national campaign and increase purchases among Johnsonville loyalists.

Johnsonville’s key challenges:

  • Create a shopper campaign to connect to the company’s national campaign.

  • Boost purchase intent among existing customers.

  • Close the loop connecting media spend and in-store and online sales.


Use insights and data from
Roundel to help whet
shoppers’ appetites.

With custom, first-party audience data, Roundel was able to reach a verified audience who buy or have bought Johnsonville products. Our target? The top quarter of Johnsonville purchasers—with a focus on individuals who were currently buying, but in a light fashion, or lapsed purchasers who hadn’t bought products in the last 30 days. Messaging on and Bullseye Marketplace reinforced Johnsonville’s “Made in the USA” national campaign and included a 10% off Target Circle offer during the beginning of the flight.


Serve a mouthwatering
increase in sales.

With a modest media budget, Roundel helped
Johnsonville achieve:


lift in in-store sales


lift in add-to-cart


lift in online sales


sales vs. total target

"With first-party data, Roundel helped us efficiently reach Target shoppers looking to fill their grills in the summer. Their partnership with the Target category team truly helped us take the program to the next level."

- Marc Bennett

Integrated Marketing Manager at Johnsonville

A combined, targeted effort is the perfect recipe for superior results.

With Display by Roundel, Johnsonville accomplished the following objectives:

  • Drove sales and more than doubled purchase frequency Targeting the right people with the right message and offer really heated up sales.

  • Calculated an accurate ROAS across digital media With more granular data tied to first-party data from online and in-store sales, Johnsonville could see the true impact of its media spend.

  • Gleaned insights to fuel future campaign activations By learning how to better connect retail-specific activations to a national campaign, Johnsonville can optimize future media campaigns to drive sales.

Let’s change media for good.