Target Product Ads by Roundel™ Case Study

Headphone brand maximized holiday campaign efficiency.

A powerful search campaign leveraged through Criteo Retail Media, a partner platform, helped reach shoppers and sustain electronic sales during an unusual and extended holiday season.


Extended holiday shopping season?

Time to build campaign stamina.

As the pandemic motivated customers to shop online, retailers saw a prolonged and online-driven holiday shopping season. By discovering how and where to optimize their investments, a leading headphone brand could achieve its key objectives:

  • Stretch media budget for an extended holiday season

  • Drive always-on incremental brand exposure, consideration and conversions

  • Determine the best media strategies and retailers to maximize campaign efficiency


Reach high-intent shoppers online and test results across retailers.

  • Leverage Target Product Ads by Roundel™ through Criteo Retail Media to reach high-intent shoppers at the point of sale online with a CPC-model, adaptable campaign controls, and real-time reporting.
  • Dynamically rotate a curated SKU list based on in-stock products, promotion events, and shifting priorities.
  • Run sponsored product ad campaigns across retailers to test which investments offered the best performance and greatest demand.


Uncover the MVP for your investment strategy.

As many guests turn to to find the best gifts for themselves and others during the holiday season, the headphone brand was able to benefit from this increased natural demand by running in placements where Target guests were searching online.

Compared to other consumer electronics (CE) retailers, Target offered tremendous growth in scale and performance during the Q4 2020 campaign—firmly establishing Target Product Ads as a crucial component of the headphone brand’s future media plans.

Other CE Retailers
Units Sold
Conversion rate
CPS (cost per sale)

Drive greater efficiency through a media-led holiday shopping season.

As consumers shifted to online shopping, units sold and sales revenue during the campaign increased significantly year over year (YoY).

34% CPC reduction

40% lower cost per sale

compared to goal

231% sales increase

in units sold at Target


Drive incremental product sales and optimize holiday campaigns.

With Target Product Ads by Roundel™ and Criteo Retail Media, this leading headphone brand can apply its learnings to boost sales for future campaigns and holiday seasons.


Drive always-on incremental exposure, consideration, and conversion via native retail ads on and the Target app.


Amplify promotions during special events or critical shopping moments and flex your investments as priorities shift.


Automate and analyze campaigns via Criteo Retail Media, the brand’s preferred partner platform.

Let’s change media for good.