These aren’t just great brands. They’re believers.

Our clients are from businesses and brands that span industries, but have one thing in common: The need to reach audiences in new ways with performance that proves their investment.

BEAUTY – GSK ChapStick®

Holiday Creative and smart targeting drive ROAS Roundel Digital Media

During the critical holiday shopping season, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) wanted to position its ChapStick brand as both a stocking stuffer and holiday beauty prep essential. ChapStick ran two different digital ads using Target’s first-party data and contextual targeting to ensure they reached the right consumers. This approach delivered creatively effective, personalized ads on brand-positive sites. With Roundel, ChapStick drove a $2.70 media-influenced Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), landing both brands on the Nice List.

  • $2.70 ROAS


Sales and ROAS skyrocket with new audience targeting Roundel Digital Media

Bose approached Roundel to advertise Bose’s electronic gifts during the busy holiday season. Roundel created a major opportunity for the brand by shifting the primary audience focus from men to engaging with women who previously purchased electronics. As a result, the holiday campaign delivered more than $20 ROAS. Bose increased market share by 142 basis points over the holiday time frame and influenced 14% of total Target sales, producing a 4.27% sales lift.

  • $20+ ROAS
  • 4.27% sales lift


First-party data powers sweet sales for sparkling-water brand Roundel Digital Media

When LaCroix sparkling water launched Hi-Biscus!, its new seasonal flavor, LaCroix worked with Roundel to drive the flavor’s sales among current and potential customers. Using first-party data, Roundel identified LaCroix’s ideal shoppers across, Bullseye Marketplace, and Pinterest. Next, Roundel served tailored ads both to LaCroix fans and general sparkling-water aficionados. This data-driven approach powered a $3.27 ROAS and an 8.51% sales lift. Delicious and refreshing.

  • $3.27 ROAS
  • 8.51% sales lift

CPG – Easter Candy

Candy brand savors $2M sales, thanks to first-party segmentation Roundel Digital Media

A popular candy company looked to Roundel to help drive sales of its new products for Easter. Using Roundel’s first-party data and segmentation, the brand promoted its new seasonal flavors on Pinterest video to reach a fresh batch of customers. How did these Pinterest video ads perform? They generated $2.2 million in sales—and doubled the conversion rate for in-store and online sales from past platforms. Now that’s a sweet $9+ ROAS.

  • $9+ ROAS
  • $2.2M in sales
  • 2.2X sales conversion rate compared to past platforms